How to market a travel and tour company?

How to Market a Travel & Tour Company

The travel industry was booming like never before until corona happened. But that isn’t the end. It was more of a break for travelers and associated companies. Although it’s a long one, now it is high time to market your travel and tour company as more people are eager to visit new places which they saw on Instagram only and also looking to go back to their favorite destinations to put an end to their home alone frustration.

So, how do I market my travel and tour company? Is this what you are thinking about?

Here are 6 effective ways that help you to take your travel and tour company to the next level through digital marketing.

1. Use Social Media to the fullest

Social Media Marketing

From fashion to farming, every business has a social media presence these days but that alone isn’t enough.

A random post every day on Facebook and Instagram isn’t going to help your business either.

So, what do you have to do?

It’s simple. Devise a social media strategy that connects every dot in your business.

Content is the key.

Provide some valuable content to your audience.

Your audience might not have a plan to travel now but when they do, it’s going to be your content that is going to make them remember about your company.

Look after the type of content that your target audience finds interesting and make it every day.

Engage more with your prospective customers by asking them questions like which is your favorite place to visit, why that particular location is their favorite, etc.

Use all the features that are available on any social media platform. Let’s say for IG, you can get a testimonial video of your customer’s travel experience and share that on reels, then a beautiful picture as a regular post and some questions as stories.

Share about the most famous tourist destinations and why everyone should visit them before they die.

Travel agencies and tour companies have a slightly better advantage over other businesses in terms of using social media to grow their business. If you can find the right way out, most of your social media followers will probably turn into your customers. 

2. Create and Maintain a website for your company

Create a Website

Having a proper website is important for every business in this modern world.


Because that is where your prospective customers will come to see what you have in the store for them.

So list everything that you offer for the customers more understandably.

Also, don’t forget to add proper contact details and social media links. Nothing is worse than your customers getting annoyed just because they couldn’t reach out to you.

It is a bit difficult to do for a tour company but trust me it’s worth it.

You can also publish articles related to the travel industry which a common man will also be interested in reading.

3. Leverage the power of GMB

Google My Business

Your GMB (Google My Business) profile can help you in attracting local customers easily.

Optimizing your GMB profile is one of the most crucial factors that can contribute to your business success.

Google My Business profile optimization gives you multiple advantages including boosting your local presence, driving more quality leads for your business, builds trust among customers, develops your brand authority, and many more.

So if you haven’t created a GMB profile for your tour company, go ahead and do it yourself right now.

Or else We can do it for you as well.

Once the GMB profile is ready, we have to optimize it.

Make sure all the info given in the GMB listing about your tour company is up to date and SEO optimized.

Add high-quality photos and videos of your customers saying a few words about their experience with your services. Never fake it.

This is one of the most effective low-cost methods to market your tour company.

4. Give undeniable offers

Giving offers which the people cannot deny is still one of the greatest methods to attract customers.

By offers, I do not mean that usual 50% OFF on your first time booking thing.

Do some alignment with your services and then create an irresistible offer that your customer can never deny.

That offer itself should force them to take a tour through your services.

5. Ask for genuine online reviews

Looking for reviews before buying a product is a typical consumer mindset that is never going to change.

How many times have you searched for reviews before buying a laptop, bike, or car?

People love to hear from those who have already used the product which they are intending to buy.

And that is exactly why you should also encourage your customers to leave reviews about your services on the web.

6. Use Facebook and Google advertising

Advertise on Facebook and Google when you have some money to spend on your business growth.

This can help you retarget your customers through social media and other websites that your potential audience visits.

Define your advertising goal for every campaign before you start like whether you want website visits, email sign-ups, or a call, etc.

Use geo-targeting to attract customers in any place.

Set your budget properly and Do not overspend.

Initially, you can start advertising your low price products like one-day trips or weekly tour packages. Then, once you build your loyal audience base, you can go for high ticket products as your audience will trust your company more.

To see what works, experiment with different combinations of text, pictures, and audience. You can design new adverts as you discover new combinations that work effectively. Continue to test and refine your plan until you find one that propels your travel business to new heights.

Implement these strategies right now and take your business to the next level. 

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