Deep Marketing for Real Estate Developers

The traditional way of marketing was first started through print media and it was printed in the newspapers as Advertisements.

And then it became the next-generation technology, which is the television.

So, Television is still the leader in the category of Advertisements.

Earlier when you were young and in your family of around 5 to 10 members, there would be only one TV set.

And all of the members would be using only that Television. All are forced to see that Television channel only, be it 2 members or 10 members. It may even increase to 15 members in case the Cricket World cup is being telecasted. Friends will join as well.

But thanks to Technology, now the scenario has changed totally.

The advent of Smartphones and Laptops has revolutionized the entire world.

A Television set will be shared by at least 4 members on average in a family.

But a smartphone has a personal touch and nowadays each of us has at least one smartphone.

Even right now you are either reading through a mobile phone or a Laptop.

So the craze for mobile is ever increasing with the growth of the internet.

No doubt that smartphone sales are highly increasing in the market.

Politicians are using the social medium as a means to be always connected with their country people.

Businessmen connect with their customers online through Social Media directly through their Mobile Phones, Tablets and Laptops.

Before 10 years, the way to approach a Chief Minister or a Minister in the government will take a lot of procedures to meet him, but now it takes within minutes of tweeting the concerned authorities easily.

So, communication with the top people in the world becomes easy through digital media.

So, in the same sense, why not use this opportunity to make a profit of the real estate marketing for developers so that you gain 10X revenue as well as 10X value which eventually leads to 10X buyers?

I think most real estate developers invest their money in traditional marketing like print media and newspapers, etc. to improve their sales strategy.

But now as the internet is a big industry with 400 Billion-Dollar industry.

Online Marketing or Digital Marketing is capable of getting you, 10X customers.

Usually, when you market your service or your brand or your product, you either do it by cold calling or by putting it on billboards.




Surface-Level Marketing

These activities are still more relevant and useful, but only to some extent.

When you are travelling in your bike or car, you might happen to see a billboard that says, “Hurry, only 1 flat left. Buy and make it your own! Offer closes soon.”Signboard

Since the ad is flashy and attractive, you may have seen it, but forgot to note the contact number of the salesperson.

Then you know that it was missed.

This is Surface-Level Marketing.

But if you have ads displayed on your mobile or your smartphone, it is permanently saved in the database of your phone and whenever you need it, it is just a call away.

This is where digital marketing for real estate builders and developers is needed the most.

As you know, you don’t need merely marketing which is shallow, but deep.

Yes, you got it – marketing which is not on the surface level but on a deeper level.



Deep-level Marketing


Have you noticed the deep-sea divers who go into the sea and even touch the rock-bottom of the sea to get the precious pearls and treasures?

For doing this kind of work, they really need to take a lot of breathing exercises and physical exercises.

The psychological state has to be strong for the divers who dive deep into the sea.

Their main purpose is to find out the pearls which no ordinary fisherman can find in the sea, as they are merely fishing on the surface level of the sea using their boat and ships.

But deep-sea divers go and search deep into the sea to find treasures.

So, likewise, a good customer is hard to find in the vast area of the sea called this world.

Only when you go deep and find out the real treasure, then will you know the value of the customer.

For this purpose, deep marketing is required.

For example, let us take a live case scenario of Selling Real Estate.

First, we need to know the demographics of the people who are interested to buy real estate.

Then we need to know whether they are really having the intention to buy a property.

Finally, we need to know whether they have the proper and right knowledge about the property they are buying.

And most importantly, the title of the property should be clear without any litigation.

Most of the buyers of real estate want to buy a beautiful property in a very good location with all the basic amenities needed to live a peaceful and stress-free life.

They search for a professional realtor who is well aware of his domain knowledge or real estate in that particular location.

The buyer is seeking the right person who could guide them in buying a property for them because buying a property is for a lifetime. It is not a decision to buy hastily. But it is once in a lifetime decision.

So, all the details have to be carefully considered and then made into the right decision.

And the developer or the realtor should also find the right person who is really interested to buy the property in that location.

If someone enquires for a 3 Bedroom Apartment, then the developer or realtor would guide the right property.

And for this, they need to know whether they are in the right market, where buyers are ready to buy with all the documents ready and having the funds to buy as well, and not window shoppers.

Now comes the role of Digital Marketing of Real Estate.

We bridge the gap between both the buyer and the seller with the right requirements.

You need this kind of deep marketing to get the right buyers.

Digital marketing helps you to have an eagle’s eye view of the market.

Investing in real estate digital marketing can help you to achieve 10x results in getting leads.



Why Deep Marketing?

Digital Marketing has now become increasingly popular among advertisers.

A lot of companies are investing in digital marketing to increase their brand awareness or product awareness.

But, you should also consider the fact that once an industry is becoming popular, there is also a question of quality content.

You can either invest in digital marketing for real estate blindly or you can reach out to those marketers that are really going a little deep in exploring opportunities where potential buyers are looking to buy properties.

So, we need organic reach to get leads in that real estate market.

For example, if a buyer wants to buy a 3 Bedroom premium flat in the posh area of the city, then he will search for the product on the internet and then end up finding a flat that is not meeting his requirement.

This is due to the sponsored advertisements which appear at the top of the Google search.

And the person searching for his flat requirement ends up in some other product which is not relevant to his search.

For filling up this gap, you need Deep Marketing to match the exact requirements of the customer and lead him to the right source and the right flat that he is searching for.

There may be hundreds of marketers who work on the surface level and get the leads.

But you need the deep-diving marketers to really go deep into the ocean called the “Real Estate Market” to get the treasures called “prospective leads”.

Because digital marketers are those who help you bridge the gap between buyers and sellers.

If you find the right kind of digital marketers, then your business will go 10x growth and also in 10x revenue.

So, to scale up your potential, you need the right content writing, SEO, social media paid ads as well as organic reach to your customers.

If you need further clarification or want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us.

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