5 Local SEO Tips for Dentists to get more customers online

Dentists keep hearing that local SEO is very important in building a reputable dental practice and getting more customers online. In this article, we will break down why Local SEO is important for dentists and how it can help them get more patients.


Why is Local SEO important for Dentists?


Local SEO is the process of optimizing a website to rank for search engines when they enter their location in the search box. For example, when people search for dentists online, they use a common search term like “Dentists near me ” or dentists around me”.



This search result returns dental clinics near me with their local address, name, and contact details. This is called Local SEO. When you optimize your website for local SEO, your dental practice can be easily discoverable by people around your clinic.


There are several ways to optimize your website for Local SEO.


Research Local Dental Keywords


The keywords used in the above example “Dentists near me” is an example of a buyer intent keyword. These are the keywords that people use when they are looking to purchase a product or service from your clinic. Some other examples of buyer intent keywords are “dentist in location”, “tooth whitening services near me” etc.


Some keywords are used by people when they want to know about a particular product or service. These are called research intent keywords and it brings people who just want to know about the dentist treatment or service. “Cost of teeth whitening” or “what to expect from a root canal treatment” are examples of research intent keywords where people want to know about the service but have not yet entered the buying stage.


In general, it is good to optimize your website’s main page for buyer intent keywords and the other pages like Blog, FAQ section, etc. for research intent keywords.


Doing keyword research is quite simple. Just type into Google, a particular service you are offering, and see what keywords come up. Then, include these keywords on your website. You can use several tools like Google Keyword Planner, AHREFS, and SEMRUSH for Keyword research. For starters, just start with a google search. You can also use tools like Google Trends to check which dental services are people mostly searching for online.


Include proper location keywords in your pages to rank for these location keywords.


Optimize your ‘Google My Business’ Page


If you already haven’t created, create a Google My Business page. First, you need to verify your business to get a Google My Business page. Once this is done, enter the details like your name, address of your clinic, and your business description. Enter relevant keywords for your clinic like “Pediatrician dental clinic” or “Dental implant clinic”. Add photos and videos of your clinic to make it look real and encourage your happy customers to give reviews on your page. Google My Business Listing is a key component of Local SEO and it is easier to rank for GMB listings than with organic search.


Citations and Link Building


Now that you have taken your first step to implement local SEO by creating your Google My Business Page, you now need to go ahead and build citations or mentions for your website. Citations also know as ‘NAP’ (Name, Address, and Phone) can be built by submitting the details of your business to several directories. These include national directories like “yelp.com”, “yellowpages.com” or dentist-specific directories. Below we have curated a list of dentist-specific directories to start building your citations and links.



Once you start posting your dental clinic details into these directories, it starts your link-building process. You can also become part of reputable dental forums and answer the queries posted, and also link your articles there. Having a good presence on Social Media by posting regularly on your social media pages also helps in building trust and increases your reputation.


4. Build Your site structure


Another important SEO-related aspect is site load time and the experience of a user on your site. If your site loads slowly, the bounce rate may be high. Hence check your site structure and the structure of your internal links, and also resolve any broken links. Normally a wordpress SEO plugin like RankMath SEO or AllinOne SEO will help you in checking your on-page speed and evaluates your links and gives you corrective measures to take.


Also, adopt proper on-page SEO techniques like Title and Meta description and ALT text for your blogs to make your site better discoverable by search engines.


Features of DeepMarketers Dental SEO Services


Even though the above SEO techniques look technical, it is quite easy and when implemented can give you best results for your dental practice. At DeepMarketers, we offer a comprehensive Dental SEO package to help your clinic rank better.


    • High-Quality Content – We provide good content marketing services for your website or landing page along with keyword research. We don’t just stuff keywords in the text but use well-researched deep content that is particularly needed for dental websites to establish a strong reputation.
    • Google MyBusiness Page – We will create a Google MyBusiness Page for your business to start appearing for local searches on Google Maps.
    • Listings and Citations – Our team will build your Local SEO and links, by posting your details on local and relevant citation sites. YELP is one of the best directories to create a portfolio to start appearing in local searches. We will create a YELP portfolio for your business along with other relevant dentist citations.
    • Website Promotion – We use other relevant techniques like creating specific landing pages for your clinics in different locations and promote your business through campaigns on Social Media and Email Marketing Techniques.
    • On-Page and Offpage SEO – We will update all your pages for relevant On-page SEO like Title, Meta Description, and internal link building. We will also build external links by looking at the relevant source page sites by considering factors like Page Rank and then submit requests to them to get links for your website.
 If you would like to avail our dental SEO services, request a quote below.


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